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Gift Cards FAQ

Q: What do I do if the eGift Card is ‘declined’?
A: The transaction is declined if you try to redeem more than the value of the card, check the balance of your card.

Q: How do I check the balance of a card?
A: Digital cards will always have the correct balance displayed. To check the balances of e-gift cards that are printed, you must go to https://c.yiftee.com/check-gift-balance and simply enter the card number. Guests can also contact support@yiftee.com for more information.

Q: Does the eGift Card function as a ‘pre-paid’ credit card regarding automatic tipping hold-backs?
A: No. It can be redeemed for the full value.

Q: Since the eGift Card is like a Mastercard, can it be redeemed anywhere?
A: No. They can only be redeemed at participating locations.

Q: Is there a fee to purchase the eGift Card?
A: The gift sender pays $1.00 plus 5% of the gift value. The gift recipient gets 100% of the gift value.

Q: Can the eGift Card be used more than once?
A: Yes. They are multi-use and the current is always reflected on the digital voucher. Recipients receive monthly reminders to redeem.

Q: Do eGift Cards expire?
A: There is no expiration on the funds. We keep sending reminders for them to use it monthly the first year and quarterly after that. That said, the Mastercard image has an expiration date, just like your personal card does. If the card expires, the holder just has to click the link (on a digital card) or check the balance (on a paper one) and we’ll automatically issue a new one with the remaining funds on it.

Q: Can I apply for a refund to the eGift Card?
A: Yes. Refunds can be applied back to the original eGift card.

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